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Peter Šurda, Economics of Bitcoin-…
Bitcoin On The Road - Joerg Platzer,…
what is Dogecoin
Check Yr Threats To Internal Validity…
Power Lead System Compensation plan
Save With Conscience

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A Golden Reset?

Joe Withrow

submitted by jwithrow. Click here to get the Journal of a Wayward Philosopher by Email Journal of a Wayward Philosopher A Golden Reset?……

by joewithrow

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Education of girls.

Rumaisa Khan

Girls are equal to boys in terms or rights, brain and soul. They are as strong as boys, as capable as boys,as intelligent as boys,……

by Jacey

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Financial Crisis or Greed


Financial Crisis or Greed The news I read from the internet reported that unemployment rate in January 2014 rose to 7.5 percent from……

by Chado

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Jacque Fresco

Cody Stewart

Jacque Fresco is an american futurist and a huge supporter of what is known as a resource based economy. Born in 1916, Fresco now……

by JoHookah

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Sharafat Sheikh

MAPS The image of the Earth or any part of it on a flat surface according to a scale is called a map. To transfer the image of the……

by sharafat-sheikh

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Media has become a great power. Media has an ability to make and break the government. Main purpose of media is inform the condition……

by Farhanabbas

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