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Edge - Trailer
Edge - Jack
On the Edge
Review - Edge of Darkness

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lately i have been asking myselfhow my love for you has not yet dwindledinto nothing but a ghost after allyou have broken my……

by Unsolved

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A Lost Love


A Feeling of Despair ,The Choking Sobsan Image of Being Trampled under a Mob.Constricted Breathing, out of Controla Feeling of Forever……

by Afwebco

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Mohamed Mostafa

The UNDERTAKER is the name of a famous WWE wrestler . His real name is Mark William Calaway and he was born in March 24 ,1965 in Houston……

by mohamed-mostafa

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WUSHU in Pakistan


Wushu:   Wushu is a Chinese word, it means martial arts. In western countries it is known as KUNG FU. Bruce Lee and Jacky Chen……

by zainbabu

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Technology VS Privacy

Mohammed Hussein

At the beginning no one can deny that we are living the victories and the revolution of the technology. And in this point I want everyone……

by mohd227

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