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Interview with Jaume Balagueró and…
Big Data In The 21st Century
Lifecycles of Post-PC Devices
Directors of 'No Face' Interview
Women, Work and Wonders

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circus clown

asad khan

  clowns are funny entertainers who utilizes droll or comparable sorts of physical funniness, regularly in a pantomime style.clown have……

by asad-khan-7252

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Abid Khan

Orange is the lack of water in the body and it also helps make the blood that is helpful for heart patients Orange faces daily……

by abid-khan

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Farkhunda’s Force


Farkhunda, what shall I sayHow to tell this endless story From her eyes of tearsTo the boldness in her face Her injured bodyI cry……

by Afwebco

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Rice Water Bath Benefit

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

Usually when we wash our rice we just pour it on the sink but I have found out that rice water can nourish our skin and hair. I have……

by jalou

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Aleez Doll

┤├┤├┤├┤├░├░├┤├┤├├├▒████▓√├┤├├├┤├░├┤├┤├┤├ ├├├┤├┤├┤├√├√├┤├┤▓█████████▒┤├√├├├├├┤├├├├……

by aleez-doll

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survive yourself

Madhvi Saxena

When there are so much greed and self centered way of atmospherecornered every one....How can you survive when so much odd and selfish……

by madhvi-saxena

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do you scare with

Madhvi Saxena

Life is full of scares See and find the reason just overcome from it and then fight from it every person is facing this problem they……

by madhvi-saxena

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4 - War

Pietro Scala

A modern soldier hardly see his face his enemy. He sees through distorted lenses, and looks like a video game. You do not feel the……

by pietro-scala

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Anita Rasool

CRIME Crime is a bad action .i hope no body face to any kind of the crime ;because if anybody get habit to crime he will do it every……

by anita-rasool

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malika shah

The world where we are standing is an examination hall, our every point of moment, instant and way of living is count in a question……

by malikashah

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Hari Rivaldi

Hello I'm Hari from Indonesia, i glad to present to you my first project school ( Voactional ) Ballerina, my first project school.……

by hari-rivaldi

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Movies in Afghanistan


    Afghan theater situation improves in Afghanistan daily. Such films are being produced in Afghanistan that are qualified……

by sussan

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