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I've Got A Bad Feeling: May The Fourth;…
Chute (Fall)

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The Rain


This is the month of rain in Bengal. Rain comes first in Kerala in India then it spreads all over in this country. Now a days because……

by Rishh

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Life thing


Having a good time hope everyone is also having a   life is good love everyone be kind be helpful to everyone  good……

by Jerryy

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My Aims...

Abdul Raheem

I always depends upon my aims. Aims are not planned but created since birth. Aims revolves around the men. Having liking and disliking……

by ardaopk786

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little story

Mithun Sharma

Mumbai with barely days to go for the 2016 rio olympics , it would not have been out of place for any sportsperson, having qualified……

by mithun-sharma

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When It Rains

Cerilo Cabacoy

When it rains, the earth is filled with God’s blessings, although some people hate it because it paralyzes their activities.……

by puppy-dog

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Fall Again

IT specialist

Fall Again     Feels like a fireThat burns in my heartEvery single moment that we spend apartI need you aroundFor every……

by IT-specialist

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Minato Konoha

Photo credit: Does boredom come to you from time to time? It occurs to me once in a while. When it comes,……

by Minato

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Love Is Not Selfish

Jas Meh

Love Isn't Selfish It's really hard to defined the meaning of Love Sometimes and even most of the time we tend to misunderstood the……

by jasmeh

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Bad blood

Sohel Chowdhury

That means ill feeling or enmity between somebody for an example there has been bad blood between the two influential leaders for……

by sohel-chowdhury

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When You Fall In Love.

Blue Hype Design Bhd

  How do you feel when you fall in love? Does it have a lingering effect on you? Ah, love, you can’t see it, you can only……

by iBit

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Tin Pham

Nếu ai đó :• Đã từng làm bạn buồn nhiều, thật nhiều...• Thường thì bạn……

by Tiffany_Pham

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I Miss You

Kate Saldana

I Miss You I got this feeling that is too hard to bear,I know I cannot live without yu dear,I never know how much I love you,Until……

by kate-saldana

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Madhvi Saxena

When we are fully feeling our pain, we are fully in the "feelings" of it, and not in the defenses of our egoic mind chatter. We simply……

by madhvi-saxena

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People, now a days, have the habit of being in stress, I mean whenever you see someone, his or her face is hanging there like a goof!……

by Haider45

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Mohammed Hussein

the idea of communicating through the internet appeared since 2000, and it came strongly in the chatting, and then the chatting programs……

by mohd227

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faridoon barekzai

Almost everywhere on land there is soil it is the material that covers the earth’s surface. Soil is very important because many……

by faridoonbarekzai

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