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My Intro


Hi guys i am a gamer and i am new on bitlanders. I Love Games & I Think Life Is Now Complete Without Video Games..... I Love Both……

by salmanejaz786

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GAMERClan Community


GAMERClan Community page! Thanks you for checking us out! We are a gaming community always looking for new members and clans to join……


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Game Geist

"A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device……

by GameGeist

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Mineski Dota2 Team

Erwin De Los Reyes

Image courtesy of Mineski is an organization driven by the pursuit to uplift the professional gaming……

by dota-wtf

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It's me in dating


This is me all weekend but with no real set time to wake. Just have to get up when the kids do. I'm lvln a new char...

by dhelia

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Pavel Chalupnik

This article is about a type of ant. For the 2014 video game culture controversy, see Gamergate controversy. Lateral view of a female……

by bouda

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