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Terminally Ambivalent Over You

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Young Thoughts

Doods Relator

Thoughts Of My Niece   Checkin on the updates on my Facebook this afternoon, I saw the post of my niece. Tried reading it and……

by Doodsdpogi

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Relationship advice


Its been a few days since my last I mentioned I recently broke up with my girlfriend...and I was going to get her flowers……

by Descur

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Valentine day

Boka Paglu

Love is a god gifted super prize. Every human want love. Yes I want too. But now we can see love is a one kind of game. We don't want……

by boka-paglu

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Its a shame to see so many girls, girlfriends, wives, fiancees cheating with their partners and not only girls even boys but the cheating……

by Zarrak-Khan

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RaoNoman Ali

It is fact that a human has some emotional feelings in own heart. Sometime some person hidden these feeling while some person display……

by sonia-gull

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shakir jan

If you are girlfriend of someone then you are lucky and if you are not then he is lucky. According to my observation, having a girlfriend……

by shakirjan

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Mohammed Hussein

Cohabitation is an arrangement of two people who are not married live together in the same place. I know it is a controversial topic.……

by mohd227

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