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Bruxism and Facial Pain

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About Ebola


  Ebola virus belong to the family or genus Ebolavirus  basally this virus is found in African  chimps, monkeys but now it is transferred into humans and is causing sever damage, Ebola virus cause  hemorrhagic fevers ; fever with sever bleeding and organ failure and some times death, right now no drug has produce to cure this disease scientist are working on it but there is no hope right now, people are saying it is more dangerous then AIDS. Ebola is spreading world wide rapidly.……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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Causes of headaches

Muhammad Sohail

Headaches are a disorder of the nervous system. Even though the exact causes of a headache are not clear most of them……

by Bit-Free

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Feeling Sick

Emaxis Page

 Hi buddies,   Today I am so tired and feeling not well, I have a bad headache and painful body. I want to sleep but the……

by Emaxis

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Sharafat Sheikh

INFECTION Germs are disease causing microorganisms. Bacteria and viruses are the most common germs. When germs enter in our body,……

by sharafat-sheikh

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zohal arezoo

  Aspirin is the most popular drug in the world today. A lot of people take aspirin when they have a headache or another sickness. ……

by zohalarezoo

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Mohamed Mostafa

the most extreme sport ever is BODY BUILDING , that hard sport which eventually leads to a healthy , fit and strong body . it's……

by mohamed-mostafa

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