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Frame by Frame - Trailer
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The Power of TweetDeck


I've been using Twitter as my primary source for news and information for the past 5 years. It's a great site to gather real-time……

by JGo

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I wear it!


Clothes are different and everyone like the best, but wearing graduation clothe had a different sense to me. It is the wearing what……

by mohmmadelyas

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Not Alone!


I used to travel a lot in good old days. And I'm sure, no matter where you are going, the most exiting part of the traveling is to……

by Sochka

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Aafia Hira

 Journalism is deteriorating into a profession in the modern World. It involves the literary business of editing of publishing……

by Aafia-Hira

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Journalism means the writing and editing of news reports publication and broadcast , once prepared, the material many appear in newspaper……

by hamayoonNoorzai

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Herat University


    Before the fall of the Taliban, there was only an old University in Herat. That University even did not have professional……

by sussan

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Herat Journalists

Omar Nasir Mojaddidi

    Since the last ten years Afghan Journalism schools have produced many professional journalists. Tens of journalists……

by Zohal

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Muhammad Rafi

    Economy is one of the most important factors of growth, knowledge, and power in a country. To have a strong economy,……

by RafiullahCena

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