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One Big Hapa Family - Jonathan Ng Animation…
Damaged Kung Fu
The Chase
3D Action Reel
Demo Reel - David Christian
Maggi Mee - My Way
Kung Fu Rice Crisps
David Blandy trailer for My Philosophy…

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Kung Fu Panda

Usama Khalid

Animation Film: Kung Fu Panda is a 3D animation film developed by dream works.This movie shows a warrior named Po who is destined……

by Ayesha_11

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Martial Art


Taijiquan includes all fighting methods: striking, kicking, joint securing and takedowns inside the beautiful flowing actions observed……

by mehranannex

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WUSHU in Pakistan


Wushu:   Wushu is a Chinese word, it means martial arts. In western countries it is known as KUNG FU. Bruce Lee and Jacky Chen……

by zainbabu

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