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Professional lovers

Flowzick Miraflores

  Do you want a lover? Here are professional lovers (just joking) ^_^   NURSE : can cure a broken heart and will care for……

by Flowzick

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Love Is

Rashid Latif

Love Is...       Love is the feeling I getwhen I'm with you,a desire to wrap you in my arms andnever let……

by Aliya-BuTT

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loving your parents

faiza latif

loving and caring is a special feeling which is necessary in everyone's lives.Parents are the gift from the God,those who don't have……

by faiza-latif

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Ahmad Mujtaba

I must utter what comes to my lips. Speaking the truth creates chaos.Telling a lie saves one scarce.I am afraid of both these.Afraid……

by ahmad-mujtaba-8757

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triA pAo

maybe not a destiny that speaks when love becomes injured. love is grace in man since they have not been born in, then love has been……

by RitaPuspita

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