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Super Kawaii! Episode 15
#InTheLab with Mariah Huq of Bravo's…

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Bill Gates

Sajjad Ali

As his name define “A gate to money” “A gate to success”  “A gate to next generation” Have……

by Sajjad_Ali

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Washing and Cleaning


Sakina is 28. She was married at age 15. Bamiyan—In the name of Allah I was born in Bamiyan in 1987 and I was married 13 years……

by Afwebco

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Kate Saldana

WHAT IS LOVE ? You can’t give, I am sure , An answer apt to the question. Definitions or quotations may be, But mind, would……

by kate-saldana

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I married Dora

Sange Thurman

Does any one remember this series? I never saw it, but it starred Elizabeth Pena(who recently passed away) as a maid who marries her……

by bozodeluxe

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The word Relation is to much comprehensive as we see it is not like that it means that some one that you have special attachment its……

by abidfazal

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My Name Is Khan.

Marwa Hassan

My Name Is Khan is is an Indian drama film directed by (Karan Joha).shah rukh khan is the star of this movie.Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh……

by marwa-hussan

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