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Danish Dani

I will mix me a drink of stars,—Large stars with polychrome needles,Small stars jetting maroon and crimson,Cool, quiet, green……

by Danish0009

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xa cách

Tuyết Cô Đơn

Gặp lại anh rồi em mới hiểu vì sao một dòng sông mà hai bờ xa cách Ở bên chồng,……

by tuyt-c-n

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Team players

Phúc Hải

Team players work well with other people.  An example is my friend, A. In the group, he is a member and leader of group.……

by Pirates

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Jay Tei El

On Oct. 18th, Earth passed through multiple folds in the heliospheric current sheet--a phenomenon known as "solar sector boundary……

by jay-tei-el

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