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Moh Sodik

Health is better than wealth because if we are not healthy we can not do anything in this world we justcan lie down on the bed. on……

by moh-sodik

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The back way

van sinh tran

A lion are awaken by a mouse  crawling across his face. So anger, he quick to grab the mouse. "I beg you!" Mouse said, "Please……

by van-sinh-tran

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Team players

Phúc Hải

Team players work well with other people.  An example is my friend, A. In the group, he is a member and leader of group.……

by Pirates

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Chị gái tôi

Miêu Dương

Thấy bảo hôm nay chị hẹn một người mới quen đi uống nước. Chưa đến giờ đã cuống hết lên,……

by miu-dng

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