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Double - Triple

Janeth Verana

A daughter of my parents, A mother to my daughter, A lover, A student, and A part timer ...    That are the responsibilities……

by janeth-verana

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Sharafat Sheikh

THE EARTH Our earth is 5,000 million years aged. The diameter of the earth is 12,756 km, while the expanse around the earth beside……

by sharafat-sheikh

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How to live?

Haroon Mehrzad

We are all living, eating, drinking, sleeping and dealing with others. But really are we living and do we know the real meaning of……

by HraoonMehrzad

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Fereshteh Akbarzada

  home loving is the sign of faithfulness . it is something that prophet of Islam Mohammad (P,B,U,H) said. this is a very short……

by FereshtehAkbarzada

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