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National Song ay watan pak watan

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Pakistan Army

Mohsan Amaan

pakistan army no 1 in the world i think our responsibility to understand the problems of army and help the rangers soldiers air force……

by Mohsan-Amaan

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son of nation


The son of nation#Nation should proud on himThe son of nation ,who is son of nation no one else Gen.Raheel sharife the current army……

by Engrrashid

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Urdu love


Urdu love poetry  تیری زلفوں کے بکھرنے کا سبب ہے کوئیآنکھ کہتی ہے ترے دل میں طلب……

by Zia143

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As the major successor states of British Indian Empire, both India and Pakistan have been at odd’s with each other since their……

by SZD

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GEO TV Enemy Of State


On April 19th April 2014 Hamid Mir was attacked in Karachi. Attack on Hamid Mir is also condemned by civil society as well as by DG……

by owaiskn

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