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Health is important


over the years human being have learned a great deal about life and health. People live longer now. Protection is available from killer……

by vickyking

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Victims of pretentious brook up the small for decades, assess says   Victims of bullies……

by SanaSunny

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healthy tips

Madhvi Saxena

Physical health: ting.  Avoid animal meat, fried foods, processed foods, fast foods, smoking, excess drinking etc. Drink water……

by madhvi-saxena

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Pietro Scala

In essence it is taught that a proper exercise constant, improves the physical, there is ammalë, do not take bad disease, you……

by pietro-scala

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Physical Fitness

Muhammad Sohail

The body is an incredible object; the additional you raise of it, the additional it will do. If you're inactive most of the time,……

by Bit-Free

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Kate Saldana

WHAT IS LOVE ? You can’t give, I am sure , An answer apt to the question. Definitions or quotations may be, But mind, would……

by kate-saldana

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Health is Wealth


Strength is physical and mental well-being. It is said that health is wealth. It is a great gift of Allah. A healthy person can relish……

by abraizsarwar

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The very high energy rays which are produced by colliding fast moving electrons with heavy metal anode in the discharge tube are called……

by mustaqeem

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  Upon reading the ideas of Louise .M Rosenblatt about a text, I felt happy and joyous that is why, I agree in his assumption……

by fawziamohamadi

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Importance of Sports

usman ali

Sports play an important rule to maintain our health. If our health will be good then we can spend our life in better process. The……

by usman-ali

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syed hidayatullah

Drug abuse is the self administration of a drug for non medical purpose. Drug abuse is mainly done to get pleasure and to relieve……

by hadilove

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Security in Afghanistan


What is security?                                                                              ……

by zakertanha

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No Excuses

Paul Virtue

  When you decide to start working out often it is a short lived decision, life gets in the way. I can't tell you how many……

by PaulVirtue

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