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Shipwreck of love


Slow sighs, engrossed in dreams,waters, flowing in currents,perfumed, by the fragrance of your walk,my shipwreck is to drift away……

by ArMetafor

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Muhammad Iqbal

Tariq Hasan

For other people named Muhammad Iqbal, see Muhammad Iqbal (disambiguation).Dr. Sir AllamaMuhammad Iqbalمحمد اقبال BornMuhammad……

by tariq4126

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Zia Goraiya

        his Lightning Slim system Really Works?  Posted 4 months agoLightning Slim, Lightning Slim Review,……

by zia-goraiya

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Heroes of Pakistan


Hero's of Pakistan Many people watch movies to see their's a hero,hero is main rule of any movie.Hero also exist in real life,they……

by Engrrashid

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short poetry

Arsalan Majeed Khan

Hoon To Khafa Us SEPar Jaane Phir Bhi Kyun Na Chaah Kar Bhi Us Ko Chahna Achha Lagta HaiHaqeeqat Se Hoon Dhoor Ye Mujh Ko Hai PataPer……

by arsalanmajeedkhan

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To a cat


To a Cat Mirrors are not more silentNor the creeping dawn more secretive;In the moonlight, you are that pantherWe catch sight of from……

by Baraenron

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Looking Out

Ami Akla

Looking out of the sliding glass doorAs I am typing this article hereI watch as the squirrels come up to playAnd look for seed from……

by Ami_Akla

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A great poet

Sanjida Santa

Iqbal is a great poet . He is admired as a prominent classical poet by Pakistani , Indian and other international scholars of of literature……

by sanjida-santa

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Jim Morrison said

Walid Raian

Jim Morrison, an American singer,songwriter and poet, said"There things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.""Whoever……

by walid-raian

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augusto bastos

he was the translator of edgar allan poe (phater of police novel)to french and this is the translation original for all other……

by augustobastos

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Jeetu Fax Desk

In life and Death we will not part, As our love is divine. Your body under a bed of garlands, Your silence is same as mine.

by jeetu-fax-desk

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My Favourite Poet


Allama Iqbal is the greatest Poet-Philosopher of Asia. He is one of those eminent Personalities who have changed the course of History……

by Arshad78

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Wasi shah


wasi shah is great poet...He also written tv drams..he also act in drama serial..he belongs to a respectable family.he is very famous……

by ayeshaannex

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A poet is actually a philosopher. Who can thing beyond of present happened. A poet is a very sensitive character of a society. He……

by zubair457

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Abid Khan

حج اسلام کا ایک رکن ہے .جس کا ایک بار زندگی میں ادا کرنا ہر بالغ مرد و عورت……

by abid-khan

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Muhammad Musa Jafari

مو   هر چی شعر حرف مزخرف همه در این قالب اند مو را از ماست بکشید ای شاعران……

by MuhammadMusaJafari

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Muhammad Musa Jafari

قاتل   آسمان چراغ انداخته بود داخل اتاقم می خواست تمام خواب هایم را بدزدد……

by MuhammadMusaJafari

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Muhammad Musa Jafari

ستاره  ستاره، ستاره ایست غریب که فریادهایش سالهای نوری را می طلبد تا به……

by MuhammadMusaJafari

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PSYCHOLOGY (Margaret Skowronska)

PPPOOOEEETTTRRRYYY presents its very first post! Recently came across an interesting interview with a fascinating person on the British……


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