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The Pen Story

Sky Lark

  Hey Pen, you write the story. But no one remember your history.  Yes it is true! The pan’s work is just writing……

by sky-lark

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ISLAM part 2


Islam s main message is to worship God and to treat all Gods creation with kindness and compassion . rights of parents in old age……

by marziasaeed

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Habit of Reading

Hikmat zia

My traveling experience has always been fascinating, it’s the learning part that induces the desire within myself for more,……

by Hikmatzia

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The evolution of music is what makes the world go around. If music ceased to exist, the overall happiness of people would most definitely……

by IvanK

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John Hsu

 I always found the samurai perception of death quite fascinating since the code and concept of bushido or seppuku is so nonchalant……

by john-hsu

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Hit or Fold?

Sweet Asia TV

well, this question would never found the right answer. It's a very controversial one. This question might not be considered as a……

by SweetAsiaTV

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