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Weight has become a real problem now a days. Increased weight is also causing many heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure etc.……

by usama09

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Writer's Block

Janeth Verana

This is the condition that most of the writers experiencing. Are you one of them?   Writer's block is a condition of being unable……

by janeth-verana

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  SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF PAKISTAN :                                                            ……

by Ping_Pong

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Nofil Rehman

As I said I will write a blog on mathematics so here it is, the reason I thought of it is because I'm just studying Advance mathematical……

by nofil-rehman

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shakir jan

Are you worried from household problems? I am not understanding that how to deal with the boss in office or in charge in the factory?……

by shakirjan

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RJ Syed Zain Ahmed

You know what is Smile, I define Smile as light.. Yes It's a Light which show you the way in the darkness of problems, troubles and……

by RJ-Zain

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India is facing many problems.poverty is one of them.It is faced by every person.Many children not go to school because the father……

by pradeeplove4252

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Aarzoo Malik

Successivamente, dovrò trovare un modo per integrare questi elementi tradizionali della rete attuale. Per essere precisi, voglio……

by aarzoo-malik

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I Asked…


  What is Life?And she answered:Life is a goal achievedA book read and finishedAn exam passed. It’s a battle you work to……

by Afwebco

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What Happened?

Bronson Escaner

Hey what happened to the chest? Is it just me or is it not the best? Oh, our earnings they drop and they flop Just because the chest……

by bronson-escaner

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Quote of Sleep

Wu Ming Shi

We want to do a lot of stuff; we're not in great shape. We didn't get a good night's sleep. We're a little depressed. Coffee solves……

by 4xyz

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Quote of Resposibility

Wu Ming Shi

The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own.You do not blame them on your mother, the……

by 4xyz

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Rod Sison

PROBLEMS OF MAVERICS Everybody was excited to watch the Dallas Mavericks on how they are going to perform this 2014-2015 season. Many……

by rod-sison

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A bad moment


If you are suffering from the problems or the difficulties in your life do not blame the life, it is not which is responsible for……

by Bittlanders

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Pmln vs Pti

Fahad Ali Amjad

This video lecture for P.m.l.n in Urdu. A girl who belong to poor family she says that P.m.l.n does not provides us any social authority……

by bitlander-trick

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Pollution is one of the greatest problems being faced by human society today. Almost all the countries of the world are confronted……

by Darkprince540

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The Struggle

Hassan Majeed

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. A few days later a small opening appeared in it. He sat and watched the butterfly for several……

by hassan-Majeed

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milk is the biggest source of energy in daily life it contain all the vitamins and minerals that human is need of it usually contain……

by janab

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Problems living..

Sajeda Amiri

Life is interwoven with problems etcetera s guitar that has a track interwoven each day, One of his hairs sounds we it will look and……

by sajeda-amiri

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Life is beautiful and charming but its not always easy. Life has also many problems and our challenge is to face those problems bravely……

by Tkhan

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Solving a Problem


Growing up and not having a college degree meant I had a lot of work ahead of me in the school of hard-knox. I tried to get a promotion……

by sbatz72

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Industrial Areas


There was a time that the most of people lived in a village the atmosphere of the village was clean pleasant and there was peace no……

by Janifer

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  Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world. The word pollute means destroy the purity of things, to make every things……

by usamamanzoor

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  one day you'll be just a memory to people,so make sure you'r a good one safron is plant that a few years has onions.this onions……

by Asma_Ebrahimi

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Sharafat Sheikh

PRECIPITATION Our atmosphere is a great gaseous explanation. It carries water vapour in it. Occasionally, these water vapor condense.……

by sharafat-sheikh

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Islamic Festivals

Sidra Asif

The term festival means a celebration of a day by a group of people or community .Gala is another word used for festival.The festivals……

by sidra-asif

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what is ignorance


What is ignorance? Most of the Muslims believe that the first enemy of them its Satan. And all miseries which occur with them these……

by parnian175

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Stop complaining


Complaining is considered normal by most of people , because of stresses and problems in life that most of people are fighting against……

by sadiqahrari

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Life the best thing that happens to us. However, it does not stay the best thing for a long period, it starts getting worst as we……

by Zarrak-Khan

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" HE & SHE "

Marwa Hassan

*Are you and your guy constantly arguing and fighting ? *Does it make you feel like can’t stand and want to move on ? *Are you……

by marwa-hussan

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Points to Ponder

waqas sheikh

Do you know what happens when the little pleasures of life are denied? They should get chocked and the heart sinks down. All are pleasures……

by waqas-sheikh

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Marwa Hassan

Jealousy :- Each one of us has been born and has some recipes  within him or her. jealousy is an Innate instinct created by God ……

by marwa-hussan

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This is theme if we speak as much about is less in fact Allah has given us many favors in this world from which the best is our parents.……

by saheem15saheem

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munawar hussain

This universe is made due to the love and this is love that’s. The God create the whole world. And his love of our great Holy……

by munawar-hussain-7171

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Idioms 3

Mohammed Hussein

There are some idioms: As easy as a pie: very easy Get on one's nervous: makes me nervous Can't make head nor tail: can't understand……

by mohd227

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Idioms 2

Mohammed Hussein

These are some idioms with its meaning:   1-as brown as a berry: got a tan 2-as fresh as a daisy: bright face 3-as green as grass:……

by mohd227

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Aziz tokhi

Choosing the right food diet under medical supervision is a good way to lose weight. But you should know that for more health and……

by Aziztokhi

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