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Spot Liars


How the Experts Spot Liars (and How You Can, Too) I never knew I could spot lies better than average. I just knew I could read people……

by Hassan22

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What Is Mass Hysteria?

Minato Konoha

Photo credit: Related Post: Is It Possession or Mass Hysteria? Also known as group hysteria, collective hysteria, or……

by Minato

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Learnt from Psychology

Sky Lark

If someone laughs with any little things; so you can understand that, there has deep sorrow in his life. If anyone sleeps with deeply;……

by sky-lark

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Stress Is GOOD.

Zarak Pasha

"It is a mistake to run away from your stress completely. It is there to keep us activated and engaged." says Redford Williams, a……

by zarak-pasha

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Catharsis           The concept of catharsis has come a long way, since Aristotle talked……

by SalmaAnnex

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