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Common & Moon Bloodgood Terminator…
Anton Yelchin & Bryce Dallas Howard…
Director McG Interview for Terminator…
Sam Worthington Terminator Salvation…
Christian Bale Terminator Salvation…

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Distant Feelings


Well, now that Facebook has banned my account for abusing their "community service standards," I've had to find an alternative social……

by MiseryMox

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Say What?!

Heart HL

Say What?!      This is the expression I always used, whenever I hear bad or good news, or even when I get shocked……

by heartluv

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Jean Beltran

To start with this blog, I just want to say that I am totally disappointed with what had happened recently in bitlanders. It has been……

by jean-beltran

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My rant

Miss Lindsie Starr

Listen, what I am posting is what I can do. All I am asking you to sign up and do something or buy something from my store. The……

by miss-lindsie-starr

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Drohgah pah puhleaze!

Mark Deen Santos

Nainis ka ba sa title? Well, kung oo, sinadya ko yan. Gusto talaga kitang inisin. Kung hindi naman, sige, samahan mo akong tumira……

by krades

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A paranoid soon to be


The pot calling the kettle black, and then turns around and calls the cauldron a colored. That is the feeling I'm having for having……

by B_B

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