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Starting Out


The Love of Books I'm gonna start this blog to write about what I love most. BOOKS, I just love to read and on this blog I'm going……

by Marxfreddie3

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Reader Problems Tag

Hesty Marsilina AdnanDaud Yarja

Image Source: haraka via bitLanders Hi Peeps, in this blog I want to share another topic related to books and reading again - this……

by haraka

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I'm currently have a new book. It' called The Evil Genius. I'm looking forward to start reading it because it sounds kind of……

by Eean

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History of time

Ghulam Sarwar

Time is very important need to follow the right time... love your life and family  great work  so when ever you go for shoping……

by Gh_Sarwar

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Tran Huy

  For a couple years I've been blaming it on lack of sleep and too much pressure from my job, but now I found out the real reason:……

by tran-huy-5194

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Usman Javed

Do not read me because it is useless for you, to read me.It is useless as "someone singing in front of a "Donkey".Reading me is nothing……

by Zeeshan-Javed

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  Upon reading the ideas of Louise .M Rosenblatt about a text, I felt happy and joyous that is why, I agree in his assumption……

by fawziamohamadi

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Mohammed Hussein

At the beginning what does the word "language" mean? and why do we use it. many people would say that it is a stupid question but……

by mohd227

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Fan mail


  This will entirely depend on the nature of the appreciation and is also a question of tone. When writing fan mail, remember……

by hamayoonNoorzai

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Books? Books??

Nazma shaheen

The world nearly made you skip this article. Where I don’t really blame you. Who wants anything to do with the books when there……

by AttaikhanJadoon

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wanter halliday

parvin yari

aWanter is sesean very cold in the some contry. Thes mounth some student halliday for three mounth   Thes three month is apporturnaty……

by parvin-yari

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My favorite Book

Hikmat zia

It really was a tough task reading books worth 200+ pages in a week and preparing a detailed 30 minutes presentation covering major……

by Hikmatzia

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Robots or people?

РОБОТЫ - Константин Смирнов

Robots and I is a blog which will update its post on such topics as: robots, new tech, innovations, etc.  Most of us (adults……

by RobotsandI

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