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An Ode to Vancouver Hockey Fans
Sollicitudo (2010)

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Kashif Saleem

What is 'Rainbow'?? A Rainbow is an 'arc' of colors in the sky which is formed by the shining of Sunlight on water droplets during……

by Mkashif009

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Adnan Khan

  I did some acid one time, sat on a bed talking to a chick I was with. The headboard had a mirror, and the whole time I was……

by khan-adnan

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Suy Ngẫm

Trường Tung Tóe

Năm 1889, Rudyard Kipling - nhà văn được giải Nobel Văn học năm 1907, đã từng nhận một lá……

by CyberTK

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What Makes a Hero?

Zach Judy

Now a days with everything in the world readily available to us, we can be very distracted about things. From movies to news casts,……

by ZachtheJudy

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Mountain Story

asra omid

  One day me and my family went to picnic. Than me and my fiance were walking on the mountain . Suddenly I fall , so I scream……

by asra-omid

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