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31 Days of Breast Cancer Discovery:…

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Muhammad Iqbal

hear is the main important part of our is necessary to keep it healthy for working our body well . precaution should be taken……

by aizaa

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Under Burqa


Editor’s note: The chader namaz is a large prayer scarf that covers the entire body. The burqa is not required under……

by Afwebco

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Go and Take a Risk


      There come times in everyone's life when you're faced with a choice that involves risk. Perhaps you want to change……

by crisly

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Wu Ming Shi

Similar to Tai Chi, yoga also promotes balance and can prevent risky falls. In addition, yoga strengthens the body and increases flexibility--both……

by 4xyz

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Tai Chi

Wu Ming Shi

With age, people are at greater risk of injury due to falling. Tai Chi promotes balance and works wonders in terms of preventing falls……

by 4xyz

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Kids at Risk

Sharyn Abbott

Kids at risk in the U.S. have reach epic numbers. Today more than 200,000 children under 18 are living on the streets without adult……

by sharyn-abbott

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Nature and Human


Is the nature against human beings?   If you decide to do something nature can not do anything to stop you, in the same way you……

by paradise94

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1000 mabrouk:

Mohammed Hussein

1000 mabrouk is a famous Egyptian movie. And the work mabrouk means congratulations. We say it in Arabic 1000 mabrouk as it is an……

by mohd227

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War of weather

masih obaidi

  We all know that water is very important for our survival. Since ancient times, people prefer to live near water resources……

by masih-obaidi

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Hope Devote

 One little ride that I have always wanted to go on and hope to at some point in the very near future is on a hot air balloon.……

by sky-ish

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Buckle up!


Hey to all the drivers!  Recently what caught my eye while driving is the amount of bikers on the road, especially highways that……

by Speedup

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