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REBIRTH of GAEA - Flowing Meditation…

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  When I was a believer nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was more blood-curdling, blood freezingly frightening than the idea of the……

by Jmild

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Satan's Fence

Tran Huy

  Satan was building a fence around hell one day when St. Peter saw him and noticed that the fence was on their side a little.Well……

by tran-huy-5194

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what is ignorance


What is ignorance? Most of the Muslims believe that the first enemy of them its Satan. And all miseries which occur with them these……

by parnian175

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  Hypocrisy, absence an backbit is one of the satanic qualify and habit that they are always try to find the violence and war……

by hekmatullah

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Justifying a Sin

Hikmat zia

  Justifying a sin, Does it work? Has it worked before? Has the outcomes from history and stories been satisfactory?  Can……

by Hikmatzia

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Farzaneh Popal

What is Hope? Hope is a believe which things that happen in the future will have a positive outcome. It is a feeling in which a person……

by setayesh2

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