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Dog Sitting
Taking Life
Directors of 'No Face' Interview
Memories of Old Awake TRAILER
Labirent TRAILER
The Runner TRAILER
The Man with a Stolen Heart TRAILER
ÉCU 2012 "My Favourite Film..." Chinese…
ÉCU 2012
Film Festival Truths (FiST Chat 32)
On Gaza's Mind
Fight for your Afterlife*
Out of the Darkness*
Polar Reversal
Charlie Casanova

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Asperger Symptoms

faizun nesa

What's such a syndrome-Well it is labeled to be a development disorder in which has effects on how the human brain purpose, exactly……

by Akr3

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George Bernard Shaw


George Bernard Shaw was the modern dramatists. He was born and brought up in Ireland, but at the age of twenty in 1876. He left……

by Janifer

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'Labirent' TRAILER

ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival

"Labirent" is one of the movies in the Official Selection of ÉCU 2012. A massive explosion rips though a busy street in Istanbul,……

by ECU

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