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A Walk in Pugad
A journey in train
Sahara Maroc
Dancing Lights Show at Christmas Village…
Batad and Sagada Photobook
Amazing Rock Formation of Biri Island,…
The First Ever Sunflower Maze in the…
The First Ever Sunflower Maze in the…
The First Ever Sunflower Maze in the…
Pista'y Dayat 2017(Sea Festival)
My Family Back Home
Ils ne sont pas fous, ils vivent à…
A Secret Worth Knowing: Trial a…
New York's Very Unique Gathering: UG…
Monsta Truck
Secret Shelters | Behind the Scenes
Madrid Dream
Most HAUNTED tavern in Bourbon Country?…
A morning unfolds, Malindi, Kenya
One Minute at No / Gloss Film Festival…
Hearts for Sale! A Buyer's Guide to…
Majorca 2012
What is Small Batch Bourbon? (featuring…
The Happy Hour Guys - Trailer 2013
#InTheLab w Anthony Melchiorri
Project Kronos
Vejer de la Frontera (Spain)
The Longest Way 1.0 - Walk through…
So You Want To Be An Astronaut?
Hello Hollywood EP172-Yang Mi trip…
Rush - by London based Independent…
Canada. - by English Independent Filmmaker,…
Adventures In China (FiST Chat 93)
Canada. Teaser - by English Independent…
Does The Moon Make Us Crazy? (FiST…
White Silk Road - Snowboard Afghanistan…
Road Trip
Cruising and Travel Tech (FiST Chat…
Josh and Dan
Who'd You Rather? Episode 5.1 Celebrities…
Interview with Elissa Montanti about…
Monique Darton Directs Francesco Rulli…
Herat Business Incubator Program
Silent Journey
FLASH: The Material
SONOR. Peter Levin (interview).
Bouncer Chronicles: Conversation with…
Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez Talk…
The Real Casino
The Secret Garden - Vancouver Film…
Faster Than Light! (FiST Chat 40)
Romantic Travel Ideas
Palm Springs -- Hollywood of the Desert…
From NY to LA
Gwen Lu - Sunday Harajuku Socializing…
Gwen Lu - Runaway from Milan
Gwen Lu - Paris, je t'aime
Gwen Lu - My first summer vacation
Gwen Lu - The Big Apple
Gwen Lu - My Homeland
Model Interviews ~ Gwen Lu
Rodeo's R Special
...And thus I was born
Look Here Kunigunda
Tricko (The T-Shirt)
Sark, Small World

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Hotel in bir billing


Bir Billing Hotel is first requirement for visitors. We are going to introduce number of hotels in Bir Billing. You have to choose……

by billing

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Hi Friends!


For me is a pleasure be part of this plataform... I hope many friends here... I am a Venezuelan girl, I study for pastry chef. I live……

by DenisseMata

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POEM (part 1)


LIFE Life is a long journey to travel,, Problems are only little pebbles..! don't lose hope and don't fear,, life is made to enjoy……

by Poison_Whisperer

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My Story: Part 1

Luis Colmenares

My Story: Part 1 Hello dear bitLander community, my name is Luis Colmenares, I’m from Venezuela; I’m here to tell you……

by Luiscolmij

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Road Trip to Panay


Image Credit: by @artbytes via bitlanders This was not originally on my list of blogs to do until this morning. My wife with her sisters……

by Artbytes

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Campalabo Islet Pinamungajan Marine Fish Sanctuary is located in Pinamungajan, Cebu. During low tide, the one-hectare pearlescent……

by Aphrodisiac

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My Memorable Journeys


ME & MY JOURNEYS Hello Everybody, I am Refaquat from Karachi Pakistan.  Currently, I am settled in Saudi Arabia with my family……

by Rafaquat

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In heart of Bangkok


Bangkok is one of my favorite cities. This is the capital of a beautiful country, which I also love for its ardent, wayward exotics,……

by Whitehoune

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Mokrisset my hometown

Jaouad Lazibi

Photo by: @jaouad2d Moqrisset is a town in Ouezzane Province, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Morocco. According to the 2004 census it……

by jaouad2d

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2018:My Goals

Rain Tajon

Goals give us direction. They put a powerful force into play on a universal, conscious and subconscious level. Goals give our life……

by rain-tajon

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Patrik and Tezz

Jean Beltran

James standing at the middle of the guest house. Image credit: Jean Beltran-Figues via Coron, Palawan, Philippines……

by jean-beltran

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Come Visit Lisbon


Have you ever thought about visiting Portugal? Have you have heard about our capital city - Lisbon? Lisbon has been considered one……

by Fufurinha

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Kawah Putih

Adji Adjo

Kawah Putih or White Crater is a striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater about 50 km south of Bandung, West Java,……

by adji-adjo

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Why I Love Travelling

Graziela Santiago

I have always been a fan of travelling, I like exploring places, trying out all the kinds of food, getting to experience different……

by Graziela

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Rahim Sirohey

hey everybody i am Rahim Ahmad Sirohey. and those of you who are not from my country Pakistan then i can tell you a thing or two to……

by rahim-sirohey

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Bohol Museum

Jean Beltran

Bohol, a naturally rich island in the Philippines which is very famous for its tourist destinations like the Chocolate Hills, the……

by jean-beltran

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Bala Murugan

France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval and port cities, tranquil villages, mountains and Mediterranean beaches. Paris, its……

by bala-murugan

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Flávia Daniela

Porto is the second biggest city of Portugal and a beautiful city in the north of the country. It's widely known for it's francesinha……

by favi51

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Biyahe Ni Drew

Jean Beltran

If there's one job which I envy most, that would be Drew Arellano's job as a host in the travel show, Biyahe ni Drew of GMA Network……

by jean-beltran

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The Water Road

Ray Anthony Mina

Canal - The Water Road (image source:     Some of the world's finest roads are made of water. Can you guess……

by rex_sensei

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Tran Huy

  A professor was traveling by boat. On his way he asked the sailor: “Do you know Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Geography,……

by tran-huy-5194

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Ren LV

First, just a few tidbits on Amanpulo, it is a 90 hectare resort situated in Pamalican island which is one of the municipalities of……

by renlv

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South Korea's Best

Mary Jane Orcullo

There are many beautiful places in the world. Beautiful countries that full of histories,cultures and respected natures and I admire……

by jane-22

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BLOG #171: Zoocobia

ako eto

Zoocobia Paradise Ranch is said to be Clark's nature and conservation park.  This is located at Clark Freeport Pampanga.……

by ako-eto

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Varenna, Italy

Houston Patrick

Varenna is a comune (municipality) on Lake Como in the Province of Lecco in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 60 kilometres……

by antonelli71

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Marrakech, Morocco

Houston Patrick

Marrakech, Marrakech 2 or Marrakech (Arabic: مراكش, in Tifinagh: ⵎⵕⵕⴰⴽⵛ) is a city in central-southwestern Morocco,……

by antonelli71

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be rich with me

Peri Power

Do you know  an online travel portal which rolled the world and currently is the largest Traveller community ? Travel global……

by fireflies

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He's Just Amazing!

Daryl Gray Belen

While browsing on this specific site, I came across with this awesome video! I really intend to watch this video because I am no good……

by Yuukidha

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Life is short

Anwar Hossain

Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark journey with us. Oh be……

by anwar-hossain

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Why I love FireFlies

Peri Power

I wana write you,why I fall in love to the FireFlies. Never had enough money for travel,respective cause I was a singlemother, money……

by fireflies

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These days no

Nhật Nguyễn

Write to the emotions halfway, no chot..Viet for the last month of love .. The day long without you. Thought that everything……

by nht-nguyn

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Khaleeq A Ch

Serbia   13 THINGS TO BE AWARE OF WHEN BACKPACKING AND HITCH-HIKING IN SERBIA   Visas 1) Hassle free – but beware……

by khaleeq-a-ch

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Modern Times

ako eto

  I saw this monk in Shwedagon Temple in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar).  He was busy with his tablet, engrossed and seemed so……

by ako-eto

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Jokes (Bus Tour)

Haque Shohag

A group of Canadians was traveling by tour bus through Holland.As they stopped at a cheese farm, a young guide led them through a……

by haque-shohag

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Jez Ow

Me and my family.  A picture taken at 2go during our travel Being with your beloved once makes you complete. So you should cherish……

by jez-ow

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The Glitzy Macau

Swapna Ball

Macau has been one of those places that I have loved visiting. A small dot on the world Map in China it has so much fun to offer.……

by Mam-1234

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Choo bin yong

Interesting stacks of lanterns in a local temple in Singapore. I am curious to see how it looks like in the night time when the lanterns……

by choo-bin-yong

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Travel in Space

Haroon aslam

Space travel became possible when the Russians started sending artificial satellite into outer space in1957. The satellite travel……

by Haroon-Aslam

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A journey by train

sss khan

  Travel in itself is a great fun and experience. But travelling by a train has some more attraction. The experience of a train……

by sss-khan

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Canada - Production

Andy Parker Films

Production blog for my latest film - Canada. AKA the art of sticking your DSLR camera out of a fast moving car! Earlier this year,……

by AndyParker

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