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What is shout up, you can?

An ethical and social project, to say stop to sexual abuses within the fashion system.

Don’t shut up! Shout up, scream: you can, now. This is the meaning of the strong social campaign that invites young models and emerging professionals of the fashion world to rise against, and NOT BE silent against attempted sexual abuses they might suffer in their career.

The campaign “shout up, you can” aims to increase awareness for young aspiring models and the dangers they may encounter in their work. The awareness that lowest attitudes should be reported without fear. Achieving success in this world requires tremendous commitment, dedication, perseverance and professionalism.

It’s not by chance the testimonial’s choice, Sasha Marini (, a model of international standing and worthy expression of Made in Italy, who has been able to get brilliant results in his career due solely to his own stubbornness, tenacity, determination and integrity.

The social campaign 'shout up, you can' is a fruit of precious collaboration and communication between young professionals within the fashion’s world.

Why ~ Purposes & Objectives?

Social purposes
The campaign’s authors will take charge of any notification that might arrive at and will be forwarded to the competent authorities.

Ethics purposes
“shout up, you can”, as an instrument of protection for models, will help to certify the model being respected with the essential requirements of social and ethical responsibility in the work place including the following;
-non-use of forced labor, or done under duress
-A healthy and safe work environment
-Implementation of the non-discriminatory practices
-Non-use of disciplinary practices detrimental to the dignity
-Implementation of control systems externally verifiable and reportable

Specifically this will be done by filling out a form / questionnaire to check the professional related to the work session, to certify the absence of hardship, objective difficulty, and emotional and relational aspects, too. To certify the absence of psychological conditioning and abuse of all kinds.