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Filmmakers » Actor, Director, Editor, Executive Producer

I am a musician, recording engineer, sound designer/editor, foley artist and online content producer. Most of my professional time is spent working as a foley artist creating sound effects for television shows and films. I work on both animated and live action projects. I make noise.

The equipment I use to make my noise consists of the following devices - however is by no means limited to what is mentioned here. I use Mac Pro Quad Core and MacBook computers. The software I primarily use is Avid Pro Tools and Adobe Premiere. My headphones are all Sennheiser HD-25-SP-II for flat frequency response and maximum leakage control. My go-to mics for sound effect/foley recording are manufactured by Sennheiser and Rode. I also use a Zoom H4n Handy Recorder for some location recording where portability is an issue.

Feel free to make suggestions, ask questions and leave comments about anything I do.

Thanks for stopping by!