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He began his career in cinema by chance and guided by Jesús Gallo who included him in the team for the short film “Papeles”. In 1999 he decided to get further involved in the audiovisual world which culminated in the writing of his first script, “Que Te Calles Coño”.
Since then, he has been involved in a multitude of short films in both artistic and technical roles. In this second phase, he directed, wrote, and produced his own projects, and at the same time was involved as an editor in various projects. His last short film, “Inside us”, received more than 30 selections in Spanish and international festivals and won a Gold Remi prize in the category of fantasy at the Houston International Film&Video Festival. He is currently combining his abilities as director, editor and graphic designerin a variety of media including tv, cinema and music. Her news works as a director, screenwriter, editor, colorist and VFX Composer are “Prelude” and “Profession, cheeky”