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I want to show a simple trick to bitlanders.com members who are working already here and don't know how to earn money on bitlanders. Today I will share a simple trick with you through which you learn more about bitlanders.com. If you follow my method then you can earn more money on bitlanders. Many peoples are doing buzz exchanging in Facebook group which is %100 illegal and Bitanders.com can block your account. So I suggest to all the members of bitlangers.com that please leave the buzz exchanging method and follow my legal method to earn more money on bitlanders.com. If you follow my method then you can get upto 500 buzz on one post see this image.

I already wrote a blog post on Google about this method so there is now need to write again just CLICK HERE to learn this method. If someone have any question they can ask in comments Or if anyone have a good legal way through which we can earn more money on bitlanders then share in comments.

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My name is Altaf Hussain Sahito i am student of b.com and i love socializing :-D

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