About Us

Our mission is to promote the work of independent filmmakers and share their stories with a global audience.

BitLanders is the industry-leading social media network for filmmakers and bloggers who love film, and value their privacy.

Our gamified platform features the work of independent filmmakers and bloggers who share their own stories about film.

To ensure valuable contributions, bitLanders utilizes the Buzz Score, a proprietary algorithm that measures the value and quality of user content, rewarding bloggers with bitMiles.

The Bitlanders Film Series

We identify great films about women, their hopes and dreams, their struggles and challenges, and their truly inspirational stories.

Francesco Rulli, Founder

We will continue to ask bloggers to share their wisdom, and to share compelling stories on the challenges and triumphs of women across the globe.

Our Commitment

Over the past ten years, bitLanders has been the go-to platform for women empowerment and self-expression. Managed by Ellen Hsu, the network is dedicated to women eager to share their voice and monetize their skills as filmmakers, bloggers, and artists.

Women bloggers have an outsize influence on Bitlanders, tackling issues that affect women the world over, while generating an average Buzz Score of 29 points, more than three-times the score of male users.

Our commitment extends to Afghanistan, where we financed 13 schools that educated more than 55,000 young women on digital and financial literacy.

Our Approach

Using Querlo's conversational AI software, we engage with more than 1 million users in natural language dialogue, capturing their interests, preferences, and needs, and leveraging the insights to continually improve our content, marketing, and global outreach.

Our success has been measured in concrete detail, as follows:

Time per session: 12 minutes
Page views per session: 14
Data gathered per user conversation: 11 answers Registered
users: 1 million
2017 viewers: 15,585,329