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The story was a little flirting love funny moments my big Selfie called for help, the well with her ​​lover to get mini OREO thousands of cool gifts. And far longer in any circle K store when buying a small OREO cake, you also have the opportunity to win scratch again? Blowing new iPhone 6.
Circle K is close to the store and soon a small treat yourself OREO box.
Tung Lam incoming messages, they will be here at 8, and I boarded a flight to Saigon or not that was a period of time so I could meet? I left the tangle of work and labor were unsold. New to the 8pm hour he was here, but I still have so many years as the day before, a moment to catch alight, want to see it go ahead.
Level III Joint Meeting of days, I'm in love with Lam. Review Tung Lam, well read and great sound. They examined responses podium, or cheering for the fun of it the whole class on time steps when Personally, I like the look. We emotions out of school, work and live in different cities were going when, several months later followed me for years, some children, but intense.

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