Resident Evil 6- Ready to strike with vengeance

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Comic Con is one of the most prestigious and awaited convocation for the gamers and animation geeks. This year the comic con was special as it experienced the new animated movie, Resident Evil 6. Inspired by the animated game, this movie is being planned. Work is still in progress and is expected to be done and release soon. A demo of resident evil 6 video game hogged the limelight during the comic convocation held in San Diego. Earlier this year, E-3, gave a short preview of the movie Resident Evil 6. Makers of this animated game are trying their best to give the users something, which they can love.

The gamers will be provided with a story line so that interest of playing the game continuous. During the special screening of this game, various new characters including the old ones were highlighted. In the screening, it was seen that a new virus would be striking among people, which will enhance the craze and bloodiness of the video game. After it was showcased in the comic convocation of 2012, video of the new game has been put on different video viewing portals. People are eagerly waiting for the game to be release along with the movie, which will be a hit among viewers who have already loved the remaining parts of both the movie and the animated game. The game and movie both have acclaimed international importance after the screening and curtain raiser of resident evil 6 during the comic con 2012. The makers of the game was stating that there are possibilities that more parts of this game will be launched soon as the popularity of the game is increasing at a new level and people are demanding for more. 

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