School Shopping and Roleplay Fights

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Yeah, I was shopping at 11AM today. An hour after I crawled out of bed. Thanks, mum.

Luckily it was still fairly quiet, but let me tell you, Sports Direct is NOT the place for buying trainers the week school starts. That small shop was packed, and it was hell to move around. But I got myself a new pair of trainers. Black and pink this year, so hopefully if I get them muddy it won't show as much.

We've also discovered that New Look is a great place for school shoes. They're a third cheaper than Clarks for the exact same style of shoe, so who cares if they last a term rather than a year? They'll still cost the same. I love the brogue style shoes, they're comfortable.

A trip to M&S gained me some new clothing essentials, before we headed back to Asda to browse the Back To School section. I picked up that cute notebook, and while it's fine it'll be good if I need one for homework or notes. I also brought a compass and protractor, as I 'lost' mine last year.

I convince mum to let me walk down the book aisle, and guess what I found? Four. FOR FIVE POUNDS. It's usually fourteen, so obviously I had to have it, despite the cover being different from my other Divergent books. Who cares? Cheap books.

After I'd been shopping, roleplaying began. First off was a fight against my ally, Jenni, alongside my friend Hunter. It didn't take long, as she failed to reply in time, and I only suffered a bruise on my leg. Then a fight against Lucian with my best friend Owen. We won, and reached the Final Eight. SInce we started with 48 tributes, that's not half bad!

My mutt fight also just finished, against a cactus of all things. I'm just hoping I survive and reach the finale. Can't win if I don't even make it to the final day.

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