Warm and Bright Sunday at Bigg's Diner

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 First of all, I have some questions for you...


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Sundays are the best days for me and my daughter. Especially now that school time is over for the school year 2017 to 2018 and she's on vacation. Meaning, we can spend more time together. The warm and bright days brought by summer make things even better. We can walk to the park and enjoy strolling downtown without worrying too much about the time and getting stuck in the traffic because of flooded streets. Summertime is the best time to go outdoors.

I remember, when I was still young, I would make use of summer vacations to visit my grandparents on the farm and we can get some young coconut (we call it buko) to eat. Summertime is also the season for tropical fruits which is abundant on the farm. Oh, well, that was before. It is good to reminisce the things during childhood days. Everything has changed because we are now staying in the city. 

Our usual routine during Sunday after attending the Holy Mass is to roam around the mall. I miss this thing because, for several weeks, she was so busy doing her thesis. I am glad that everything has been done and she is enjoying her summer vacation. 

Upon reaching Ayala mall, we proceeded to the department store where she went on a window shopping (that's her favorite thing to do). When she gets tired, she said she is hungry. Undecided on which place we are going to eat, we went to the second floor and I allowed her to choose from the different food outlets and restaurants that can be found in the area. 

To give you some information, Ayala Mall is one of the newest and the biggest mall in the city of Legazpi. It is located in the heart of Legazpi City. The mall is just a 10-minute ride from our home. 


Image Credits: Ayala Malls FaceBook Page

My daughter was trying to make a choice while looking at the different products inside the stalls.  Finally, after several minutes of looking into the different food outlets in front of her, she decided that we go to Bigg's Diner.  Without further discussion, we went to the restaurant which is located on the corner of the second floor near the escalator.


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Bigg's Diner History


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Bigg's Diner is the biggest food chain in Bicol Region (Region V), Philippines. One of the best restaurants and one of the most successful food companies in the region. The company started out in 1983 in Naga City when three young ladies decided to try running a food business. Their partnership in previous business venture had made them come up with a decision to try a take-out food industry which will cater hamburger and fries.  

During that time, there was no decent place to have a meal from Naga City.  After setting up the business with the fund loaned from different lending institutions, the company became an instant hit. Serving authentic Bicol recipe made them captured the hearts of Bicolanos. The quality of food at a very affordable price made the people love it.

Its original name given to the restaurant was Mang Donald which eventually changed to Bigg's Diner.

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Our Orders

There was a lot of people at the place when we came in. Nonetheless, we were immediately entertained by the food staff at the counter. We ordered Spaghetti with Bigg's Fried Chicken, Macaroni Salad with Bigg's Fried Chicken, Cookies n Cream Shake, and iced tea. 

The photo of Macaroni Salad and Bigg's Fried Chicken.


Image credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

 Here is the photo of Cookies n Cream Shake.


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Waiting Time

 It didn't take us too long to get our orders. A few seconds after finding a table, the Macaroni Salad and Bigg's Fried Chicken came in. Other orders followed immediately. 

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The Place


What I like most about the place is the cozy ambiance and even though there are lost of people eating, the temperature won't drop giving us a pleasant feel. The items they placed on some sides of the restaurant were awesome. Walls are filled with great quotes which the customers can read while waiting for their orders. 

The Food


 "Big servings!" That was what my daughter said loudly as her order arrived. My daughter love pasta and chicken. Even she was so full, she tried to finish the Cookies n Cream Shake that she ordered. 

For me, I really like Bigg's chicken because of its crispy and crunchy crust and saucy meat. Though it doesn't serve with a gravy, I can say it is enough and I love it. The salad tastes great as well!

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Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

The Price

The price is reasonable and very affordable although, compared to other fast foods in the place, it is a little bit higher. We paid  Php 450. 00 ($9.00) for the whole meal.

Overall Experience


Every restaurant or fast food has their own style. We cannot say that one is better than the other because I believe they are all good in their own ways. It all depends on our tastes. 

Going out from time to time can help us take a break from the daily routine. It may not be advisable to dine outside frequently because we might run out of budget if we do. However, doing it from time to time might not hurt that much. 

It's good to try different food outlets. For me and my daughter, it is part of our bonding time.


I am giving Bigg's Diner in Ayala Mall 4 Stars out of 5 Stars rating. 

 Here is another video of the recent visit to Bigg's Diner. Enjoy watching!

Video Credit: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

 Thank you, everyone, for dropping by. Hope you enjoy this blog post. Stay tuned for more blog posts about the different places to eat in Legazpi City are and Sorsogon, Philippines!


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