Why Men Lose in War on Women

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Men don’t win when women lose, but to the contrary. War on women is war against families, society well being as well as individual girls/women. Results of impartial studies/analysis (many with UN sponsorship) are starting to flow in now in tides and the results are a wake-up call even with respect to the most innocuous stereotypes:


---Women led households tend to do better for whole family. See Blog for Video“Cheating Women is Cheating Society”


---Women’s Rights directly linked to more food produced and better nutrition for all family & society.  See Film for Blog-“Women’s Rights=More Food”


---Marginalization of Women correlates to violence and sexual assault: See Video for Blog“Is Sexual Violence Inevitable?” Women in Uganda strip to bras (Photo Above) to protest assault upon Women's Rights Leader. Courtesy of http://www.english.rfi.fr/africa/20120424-women-strip-their-bras-kampala.


---Practices as early marriage and female genital mutilation (female circumcision) harm family health and are more likely to result in still-births to divorce and abandonment. See Video for Blog: “ Forced Early Marriage”


---War on Women is potentially an assault upon the physical/psychological/professional well being of a sister, daughter, wife, partner, mother.



Today April 28, 2012 across the US women/girls are gathering/marching to counter the pervasive effect of what seems to many as a revised effort to regress rights secured over the last century. Whatever the political, cultural and/or theological rationale offered to restrict women in options in education, career or family/personal choices, it would also diminish the health, wealth and well-being of all society including sons, brothers and men-folk. UnitedStates is needed to lead forward rather than back especially as each society/tradition could roll out its own stigmas, superstitions and stereotypes to justify holding women/girls back from opportunity and choice.Whether uterine procedures intended to discourage reproductive options or female cicumcision, these are assaults upon women's bodies direcly but also upon men and women as family and society. Honor Killings are complemented by rants against women by such as Rush Limbaugh. See our Blog for Film: "US on Wrong Side of War on Women "


Women/Girls Across America are today marching for their rights but it is evident that as men our interests are intertwined, and I am with the women/girls gathering/marching across America and ultimately the globe.


(Film Annex & CEO have been engaged in effort directly aimed to help in the education/empowerment of women/girls in Afghanistan. From building schools in Afghanistan  to connecting them to the Internet. To learn more about entrepreneur, Francesco Rulli, and his Internet initiative and corporate social responsibility program, See:  Afghan Development Project. Also see our discussion with Film Annex  “Why Education & Internet is Responsive to Society & Womens/Girls’ Needs” .


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