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Trial 159 Trailer


Trial 159 Trailer

Trailer from the horror short film TRIAL 159, written and directed by Ben Warner.

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An evil force. A coerced man. A deadly and unnatural experiment.

Finding himself in a dangerous an inescapable situation, Martin is coerced by a malevolent entity to perform an otherworldly experiment on a young girl to bring her back from the after life. The experiment has nasty consequences as the girl transforms in to a hideous being with a murderous intent. Now a blood thirsty monster, the girl goes on a killing spree, with the hapless Martin only able to sit back and watch as he sees the horror unfold before him.

With no options, and forced to continue the experiment, Martin witnesses a terrifying rampage before becoming the subject of the deadly experiment himself. He eventually realises that the experiments will never end, and he is just another link in the chain of poor souls who have found themselves the victim of the malevolent, higher power.

TRIAL 159: We are not meant to come back to life.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 1m:06s

Country: Australia


  • Ben Warner


  • Ben Warner


  • Colin MacPherson Michelle Celebicanin Jon Fabian