bitLanders is a leading online short film distribution, blogging, and film financing platform.

The Wall Street Journal stated:"bitLanders will go to an all-bitcoin payment model. The site has made waves with a radical new business model by which it shares part of its ad revenue with the independent film makers and bloggers that provide its content."

bitLanders's growth is due to its unique #SocialMediaThatPays business model, which includes:

  • Paying Content Providers through the bitLanders "Buzz Score",
  • Partnering with Filmmakers and Bloggers in the first wave of #SocialMediaThatPays,
  • Low internal overhead, advertising money is shared with Content Partners,
  • Private ownership, 5+ years of continuous profitability.

bitLanders pays its Content Partners in Bitcoin.

Short form video filmmakers are the heart and soul of bitLanders. The #SocialMediaThatPays campaign started six years ago with some of the finest "soon to be known" filmmakers from around the world. With the establishment of the bitLanders BuzzScore and the implementation of Bitcoin payments, we hope to raise our filmmakers to a new level of measured success in the Film Industry.

Have a look at some of our filmmakers' success stories. Independent film director Abel Ferrara and actor and director Matthew Modine are already on bitLanders.

Individuals and organizations from all over the globe share their stories, and get financially rewarded in real time. Every day thousands of bloggers allow their passion for writing to emerge, and they enrich bitLanders's cultural basin. Our top Bloggers have a range of subjects including current events, travel, sports, education, and women's empowerment.