10 Tips That Will Help You Save Money Faster

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Put some money away for a rainy day with these tricks.

1. Find a budgeting buddy

Find a friend or partner who encourages you to be smarter about your spending. This way you'll have someone around who can offer some strategies you hadn't thought of before and can champion your successes when you reach a financial goal.

2. Unplug

This is a super simple idea that will save you tons of money. When you leave your home, unplug all nonessential appliances like lamps, laptops and microwaves. Your energy bill will thank you.

3. Buy fewer clothes

Try to minimize your wardrobe to classic versatile pieces you can wear throughout the seasons. With a set of classic key pieces, you'll find that you need to buy less.

4. Be friends with your neighbors

If you find that you need something in a pinch, your neighbors are the best people to ask since you won't have to go very far. This will help with any sudden expenses.

5. Graduate sooner

Take summer classes and work toward getting your degree sooner. It'll save you thousands of dollars.

6. Save time

Spend a little time cleaning everyday, so you don't have to dedicate an entire weekend to the task. Or spend less time on social media so you can dedicate the time you have left over to taking up a new hobby or getting some much needed rest.

7. Go shopping later in the day

If you step into a store not too long until they close, you'll only have a short window of time to make your selections and can bargain prices to avoid spending too much.

8. Go to bed earlier

Going to bed earlier will save you money on electricity and help you get more stuff done during the day..

9. Go vegetarian

Meat and other animal products are the priciest parts of your grocery budget. If you can consider cutting down with Meatless Mondays or cutting it out all together, you'll save a bunch.

10. Buy generic

If there's a store or generic brand of any item, pick it up over the name brand. You'll save lots of money.

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