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- EFFICIENT: No matter the time of day, this collaborator manages to do everything you propose timely and optimal manner. Nobody knows how he does, but his work is extraordinary. The key to its efficiency is usually their ability to concentrate, work organization and prioritization.

WORKAHOLIC: Sync your business email with the phone. You can call anytime, any day and always available. It is not uncommon to find emails sent on rest days. After working hours, including weekends, sends messages on labor issues.

- SOCIABLE: This is the classic employee who all like him. Meet partners throughout the enterprise and always invite all celebrations and happy hours.

- DISORDERED: usually an efficient and productive worker, but their lack of organization and planning what burdening end. It is usual that you forget meetings both at the same time.

- THE GHOST: Every time you need it, the not in his job.

- LEADER: He knows how to unite the team. It is one that leads and motivates the group. He is optimistic and has a great ability to persuade.

- THE SIMULATING BE EFFICIENT: Usually has two monitors and 15 windows open, and seems not enough for him. When you are given a new task, it can take up to five times more than the planned, however, always has excuses.

- THE RESENTFUL: No matter what the company does, never valued anything. Never emits good comments from the company and believes that any organization is much better than this. It is common to see annoying and do things unwillingly. Generally speaking ill of the company prompting the rest to complain too and increase discontent.

- SCHOOL: So called because this type of worker or profesionista needs that are above him monitor it and giving it new tasks, otherwise it is not able to act. You need to be calling attention to end its responsabilities.

- THE HISTORIAN: He always has excuses for everything, especially for tardiness. Usually making up stories to justify their lack of responsibility for the fulfillment of its commitments.


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