1000 peso curse

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How come I get to experience weird curses in my life? That is about last year I won 1000 pesos in a scratch card, we had no rice and gas then due to financial issues so I gave my mom some of my money. Weeks later my dog died, I almost had rabies and we had no money and we were in financial debt it was that strong of a bad luck that it affected everything around me with death and misfortune. This year I just invested my 1000 pesos and look at what happened I broke my mom's new mug, I broke the faucet and I didn't get my eon card from union bank what a pain. So as I look at it I'm cursed so I have to save another 1000 just to restore my luck again

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I am 26 years old and mainly sit here on my computer due to me having a stroke 5 years ago now I don't have work and I'm wasting my brain away

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