15 Truths You Will Understand If You Have An Elder Brother

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Brothers. The nice ones. The naughty ones. The mischievous ones; the protective ones. They’re the younger version of our fathers; they’re our best friends and our guiding lights. It’s not easy living with a brother, but it’s definitely rewarding in so many ways.

Here are a few things every person with an elder brother will understand.

1. He finds ways to annoy you whenever you’re around


2. Your physical fights have made you strong enough to appear in WWE

Thanks for all the practice, bro.


3. You ask for new clothes and you get your brother’s old ones


4. But even then, most of his awesome clothes end up in your closet

And when he finds out, it’s WAR.


5. You have been a victim of various experiments over the years, especially as a kid

Not cool, bro. Not cool.


6. You are introduced to good music before anybody else, all thanks to him and his CD collection


7. You know the meaning of several profane words only because of him and his friends


8. You have been blackmailed by him on several occasions

And he has ratted you out more times than you can count.


9. All your female friends have had major crushes on him, and you’ve given them your blessing

Not to mention how you start drooling every time one of his cute friends come over.


10. You’re used to watching gory and action-packed films because of him

They don’t seem so bad after all.


11. You have had some major injuries during your fights

And they have always ended with your parents grounding both of you.


12. You know his feelings even when he doesn’t express them, even in front of your parents


13. When it comes to arguing with parents, he always has your back


14. Only HE can insult you. Anyone else who does is dead meat


15. As a younger sibling, no matter how much trouble you’re in, he will get you out of it

Because your bond means more to him than anything in this world. Sometimes, you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Wish your brother love today.

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