18th highest building in the world (Two International Finance Centre)

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  • Because it was being built when the World Trade Center tragedy occurred, the safety of the building was double checked again and again and Two IFC is considered one of the safest buildings in the world. Experts say evacuation of the building could be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

  • It is one of the few buildings in the world equipped with double-deck elevators.

  • The Hong Kong Monetary Authority bought several floors in the top portion of the tower for 0.48 billion USD.

  • Financial Times, HSBC, and Cathay Pacific put up an advertisement on the facade from October to November of 2003 that stretched more than 50 stories tall, covering an area of 0.2 million square ft and a length of 230m; making it the world's largest advertisement ever put on skyscraper.

  • More than 3500 workers from various places around the world worked at the construction site during the peak construction period.

  • This building was featured in the Hollywood movie "Tomb Raider 2".

  • The 88th floor of the tower contains the office of the Chairman of the HK Monetary Authority.

  • The tower is attached to the second phase of IFC Mall.

  • This building is one of 18 buildings involved in the Hong Kong Tourism Commission's Victoria Harbour Lighting Plan.

  • This is the tallest building in Hong Kong, surpassing bu>Central Plaza>120372.

  • An exhibition area and a library of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Information Centre occupy the 55th floor and are open to the public.

  • 2 IFC's reign as Hong Kong's tallest will not be long, as bu>International Commerce Centre>101555 is under construction and will claim the title in 2010.             

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