1974 Australia Said Stop the Beast

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Remember the 6 oclock pub closure no more beer .

Yep They worked hard the x war vets destroyed psychologically by banking wars Vietnam 1960 at that time and end WW2.1945 .Vets all sat in pubs in sorrow of lost loved ones .
Families lost there gran dads, uncles,brothers, sisters in religious Banking wars .
Orphanages were every were , Aborigines in Australia stolen from there families believing mixing the blood with the whites was a good christian thing to do , Rome ruled Australia politics up to 1974 when my x wife one of the class action against the church whom imprisoned her for 3 years raped repeatedly by guards of religious order she was 10 years old then .
But a Royal Commit-ion against the church kicked out the roman religion from politics and government in Australia as 1000s came forth with claims of Abuse,Torture,Child trafficking,slavery control ,murder,dating back to 1800 s When the UK sent kids to work the HEMP plantations. in botany bay Sydney.
BUT in 1974 The people close down all orphanages and foster care , child jails, and there taking of kids by kidnapping from Aborigines and whites ..vile religion as this was in all countries the Spanish inquisition invaded. taking trillions $ by fraud in tithing claiming it was the original church.
I remember my orphan days as i was only 8 years old taken from my mom and dad.
If it was not for moral decent MEN from the ww2 and returned service men from Vietnam Whom stopped it, saving the kids.
Men stood up Whom seen it being a acts against kids worse than bankers Greed wars it self that they died from.in ww1 ww2 and Vietnam .


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