2 TV Presenter Sexiest Football Club In The World

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When watching football bland taste if no women beautiful and sexy woman who works as a football presenter. With the presenter is certainly to be much more interesting.

They are not just a decorator and a capital of only beauty, but they also have a football insight that is not less than the men. European clubs who already have their own tv station, vying for the beautiful presenter as the presenter of their TV stations. Who are they?

1. Anna Kraft

German national team enthusiast this is one of the top presenter on Sky Sports. With its flagship style that flirts with costumes national team jersey of his country, Germany, Anna became a fresh view of the ball for the audience impressions.

Before moving to Sky Sports News, he worked as a journalist Eintracht Frankfurt. However, Kraft was not long career with the Bundesliga club participants. Currently, Kraft often guiding the Bundesliga Aktuell.

2. Rosanna Davison

Daughter of singer Chris De Burgh is already twice the shooting for LFC TV documenting massive stars Irish-owned Liverpool. Davison began joined Liverpool last October 2013.

Former Miss World 2003 is certainly able to pick up some men to more comfortable to watch LFC TV. Besides Davison, Liverpool also has one other beautiful presenter, namely Amanda Burden were recruited in December 2013.


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