3-month Ban on Coconut Trees Cutting

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The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) has declared a moratorium on banning the cutting of coconut trees for three (3) months, starting January 3, 2017;

but this excludes the province of Basilan, and Isabella City; because there is an ongoing Coconut Scale Insect (cocolisap) issue.

The ban is meant to help preserve and conserve coconut trees in the country.

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PCA Administrator, Billy Andal, said in a report, “We have to impose a moratorium because Republic Act 8048 is not effectively enforced. It is as if the coco loggers are just making fun of us; they are not taking it seriously. I think it is time to put my foot down on this issue.”

Yes, I think it is about time. Coconut tree grows abundantly in the Philippines. It is a very good source of income for the farmers. Everything from a coconut tree, its fruits (meat and water), the shells and husks, the leaves, the tree trunks, are all useful; nothing is thrown away.  It is called a tree of life.

So, there is no cutting of the coconut trees for the first 3 months of the year !!

But we can still eat the delicious coconuts, especially when it is freshly picked from our backyards . . . !!!



Source: MSN news; January 4, 2017... 

Link: http://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/national/3-month-ban-on-cutting-coconut-trees-now-in-effect/ar-BBxRJJs?li=BBr8Mkn


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