300 (part 1)

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300 is full action movie in English movie’s industry. In this movie show that a beautiful place and people which is very good fighter in world and the name of the people is Spartan’s.

Persian’s send a message to the king of Sparta for accept his order but the king of Sparta reject it and killed all the people which come. The king of the Sparta knows the situation is more complex on this reaction. He knows the enemy now comes for attack on Sparta.

So he decide go out with some army for frightened the enemy’s.   So he goes with 300 Sparta army. Some people say to stop but he told him that he go for a walk around the country. Her wife say to him for stop but he say it is necessary for future and he say to her about his child for make him a good fighter of Sparta. When he going his wife and his son seeing him.

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