3D Animation

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“3D” refers to computer generated images (CGI) that creates the illusion of 3 dimensional space with great accuracy. In this type of animation, characters or objects are created or animated using a 3 dimensional (3D) software such as “Autodesk MAYA, Autodesk 3Ds Max,” etc.

3D animation creates a third dimension/depth, so that our cartoon don’t just look like drawings.

   3D Modeling is nothing but the creation of a character or a model having three dimensions (as in real world) using the techniques and tools provided by a computer software.The tool will provide a set of tools that a 3D artist can use to sculpt or model, an object in his imagination, into a 3d computer representation. This 3D model can be altered, animated or rendered into a movie in accordance to the artists need. This is what 3D modeling is, if we look it from a broad top view.