4 Rules to live by the Indians

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1. The first rule: "Anyone you meet is also true that you need to see"

This means that none appear in our lives by accident. Each of those around us, whoever we interact, meet all represent something, probably to teach us something or to help us improve the current situation. So please respect and appreciate the people we met!

2. Second rule: "Anything that happens then that is what should happen"

Nothing is absolute, not something we should experience it differently at all. Even with the small things the least important.

No: "If I had to do it ... otherwise, it would have been otherwise. "

What happened is what should happen, and happen to help us have more lessons to move forward. Any circumstance in life that we face are absolutely perfect, even as it challenges the understanding and our ego.

3. Third rule : "In every moment, everything starts at the right time"

Everything starts at the right time, not earlier or later.
When we are ready for it, for something new in your life, it will be there, ready to start.

 4. Fourth rule : "What was the last, for the past"

The rule is simple. When something in our life ends, it would mean that it was done for the benefit of our evolution. That is why, in order to enrich their experience, it's better that we let go and continue the journey.


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